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This is the storage site for all chats related to Draconia and all websites related to it. The twitter feed for Draconia will be on here as well as Events, News feeds and the chat rooms including the OoC chat.

This website will be used for multiple things. You can come here to have access to all the different websites and chat rooms. You can come here for the instant chat to talk about Draconia. You can give suggestions  ideas or even ask questions in the forums. 

Create your account with your Draconia name and be on your way to being a member of this site.

Follow the rules and agreements and please do not be an ass to other members.

The admins and moderators will have special badges. Levels will be signified with badges or marks so you know who has what rank. 
You have to apply to get a specific rank and you may not always get the rank you ask for.

Have fun and enjoy the site, Good luck to you and remember, Paradise takes work, if you quit we light you on fire~
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